Customer Don S. from Texas fires up his BluePrint 427 EFI for the first time on the first crank! Showing his “Confidence in BluePrint engines!”

“The engine / transmission assembly slid in place with no issues and fit perfectly. Wired it up, plumbed for fuel and coolant and performed the recommended pre-lube procedure. Two taps on the accelerator pedal and the engine started immediately. The performance of this engine / trans combination is absolutely perfect for the Mark IV Roadster. Power is off the charts for this lightweight car. Less than 6lbs./HP, better than a Hellcat Challenger!”

— Dolph S., New Smyrna Beach, FL

“I bought a 347 engine complete with transmission from your company in November of 2016. I toured (BluePrint’s) factory the first part of October last year. The engine started up with no problems and runs good on the short drives I have taken. Thank you for the tour and thanks to everyone at BluePrint Engines. If I ever need an engine again it will come from BluePrint.”

— Randy M

“It runs so strong and so reliable that I am willing to go anywhere anytime in it. I love the engine and it’s abilities!!! I’ll be painting in the winter, just want to drive it for now. It will be silver with charcoal ghost stripes.”

— Glen, Ontario Canada

“This motor transformed my ride from “really quick” to “breathtaking”, and without any problems. As far as making decisions go, this has to be one of my rare shining moments. Terms like “satisfied” and “happy” would be major understatements.”

— Michael N

“Here’s my Factory 5 Mk3. Came with an adequate 302 Ford engine. Now it’s home for an absolutely “evil” BluePrint 347. Now I know why Cobras topped the automotive food chain. Apex predator for sure.”


“A complete engine and transmission package was a key component of my original Factory Five MK4 roadster build plan. As a novice builder, I wanted a package that would be as plug-and-play as possible, powerful, but with good street manners. BluePrint Engines was the only builder that offered what I was looking for. I chose a 347 c.i. small block with fuel injection and power steering. The engine was delivered completely assembled and ready to install. It took me and a few friends, none of us had ever installed an engine before, about thirty minutes to get my engine out of the crate and sitting beautifully in its new home between the frame rails of my roadster. When the time came to start the car for the first time, it fired up on the very first turn of the key! The first test drive was equally satisfying with the incredible power (400+ h.p.) and torque (400+ ft. lb.) and solid shifts of the Tremec TKO-600 combined with the aggressive growl of the exhaust. Everyone that sees and hears it comments on how great it looks and sounds. When they ask who my builder was, I couldn’t be more pleased to tell them it came from BluePrint Engines!”

— Dave Cabral

“My BluePrint Ford 347 can be found in the engine bay of a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster. Work began on the kit in March of 2016, and it was completed in December of the same year. The car features (in addition to the great BluePrint engine) a Ford T5 Transmission, 8.8 rear end, and paint by Whitby Motorcars. The car made its debut at NPD’s annual January Silver Springs Ford show in Florida, where I’m happy to say it won Best Cobra Replica on the show field that day! To anyone looking for an engine: If you want frustrations seek elsewhere – If you want friendly service, fast shipping, and a quality product, buy from BluePrint. This was my first BluePrint engine, but it certainly won’t be my last! Thanks a million you guys!”

— Doug M., Sarasota, FL

“I’ve built 4-5 cars, I wanted something easy this time..BluePrint made it easy”
“Great motor, sounds good-I’d recommend to anyone”
“BluePrint’s technical assistance is awesome!”

— Danny, Boca Raton, FL

“I found that everything I needed was included with the engine, very nice. The engine sounds great!”

— Brandon, California

“I was looking for affordable horsepower…that’s why I bought a BluePrint.”

— Thomas, Wisconsin

“When I saw BluePrint being sold through Speedway, Summit Racing and JEGS..I knew the quality was going to be there. My wife wanted more power, so I had to upgrade my stock 302 with 347!
It works great, I’d buy another in a second.”

— James & Kathy, Pennsylvania

“I needed to replace my stock 302, BluePrint was recommended to me by my builder.
The engine is very driveable, I would recommend to anyone.”

— Scott, Scottsdale Arizona