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BluePrint Engines & FactoryFive… perfect mates!


Now BluePrint Engines offers killer horsepower for your FactoryFive Mk4 and ’33 Hot Rod kits!

BluePrint Engines is the industry leader with over 20 Years of muscle building experience and thousands of engines shipped worldwide. Our passion and dedication shows with every engine we build because we’re hot rodders just like you. Year after year, our engines have graced nearly every car enthusiast publication and TV shows such as Counting Cars, OverHaulin’, Motor Trend Magazine’s Engine Masters Series and publications such as Super Chevy, Hot Rod, Car Craft, Chevy Hardcore just to name a few. You don’t have to look far either at your local shows and drag strips as we’ve shipped to nearly every corner in the country.

We guarantee you won’t find a better match for your FactoryFive build! Give us a call today and one our performance techs will be happy to discuss your specific hi-performance engine needs.

Your BluePrint FactoryFive engine just the way you want it!

At BluePrint Engines, we build your Factory Five engine to order, just for you! Our dedicated engine specialists are ready to help you configure an engine based on your specific FFR Chassis, and your needs. We have configured the correct front accessories, air cleaners, oil pans, etc, and saved you hours and hours of surfing forums and parts websites to locate the correct components. We have done all that legwork for you!!!

Call us today to discuss your custom FactoryFive kit engine and we’ll have you chewing up the pavement in no time flat!